Ms. Pac Man

Manufacture: Midway
Year: 1981
Serial #: 3981
Condition: Restored
Upgrades: Mike Doyle’s 96 in 1 Multi Pac Kit
Current High Score: 144,370 (Fast Speed)

I remember my neighbor / friend purchasing a William’s Stargate off of E-bay and telling him that I always wanted a Ms. Pac Man but I decided to buy a house instead. Then a few days later I get an e-mail from this friend with a link to an E-bay listing for a Ms. Pac Man which just happened to be in my city. In fact, it was less than 5 minutes from my house and rolling it home wouldn’t of been out of the question. After making a couple of “offers” I became impatient and just clicked “Buy It Now” and picked it up that night!!! I couldn’t believe that I finally owned a Ms. Pac Man.

At first I was just planning on some minor detailing to the machine. However, 3-4 weeks later I ended up having a fully restored Ms. Pac Man and boy did she look good!!! Even though the machine looked new I couldn’t just stop there. I ended up installing Mike Doyle’s 96-in-1 Multi Pac kit and replaced the black t-molding with pink t-molding (don’t ask but the wife loves it and it looks great).

This is the machine that started my crazy addiction.

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Store Now Open!

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