"Exploration" CD by SpaceScape

"Exploration" CD by SpaceScape
CD Title: Exploration
Artist Name: SpaceScape
Genre: Electronic: Techno
Release Date: 2003
Record Label: Electronik Palette

© Copyright-Tim Harrison, Bill Johnston Jr., Rick J. Ritts

SpaceScape's successful releases of "One Point Zero" and "Galactic Grooves" have left their fans eagerly awaiting this Detroit-based trio's latest full-length 14 track CD album release. 

"Exploration" is a moniker that more than suits this diverse new album. Influenced by drum 'n bass and trance grooves by progressive DJ's, "Exploration" trips with psychedelic tones from across the universe. Fans of Digweed, FSOL, The Chemical Brothers and Detroit Techno will appreciate SpaceScape's "Exploration". 
Track Listing:

01. Order Within Chaos
02. 911
03. Peace & Love (ATT)
04. Resurrection Drone
05. Spaceman
06. The Nine Planets
07. Ex-Plor-A-Tion
08. Project Blue Book
09. Ripley's Spawn
10. Docking
11. Platz Musique Garten
12. Transport De L'space
13. Way Out There
14. Nova

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