"One Point Zero" CD by SpaceScape

"One Point Zero" CD by SpaceScape


CD Title: One Pointe Zero
Artist Name: SpaceScape
Genre: Electronic: Techno
Release Date: 1999
Record Label: Electronik Palette

© Copyright-Bill Johnston Jr., Rick J. Ritts

SpaceScape's successful releases of "One Point Zero" and "Galactic Grooves" have left their fans eagerly awaiting this Detroit-based trio's latest full-length 14 track CD album release. 

SpaceScape's "One Point Zero" is a spacey, as you would expect from a group called SpaceScape, ambient-electro mix of pulsations and rhythms. Samples that sound like they've come out of the latest sci-fi flick echo in the background over the electronic atmospheres. SpaceScape succeed at blending old Kraftwerk-style computeresque sounds with Skinny Puppy sample/industrial effects. The overall effect is one of off-world floating, sometimes more pulsing than rhythmic. In fact, on songs such as Cosmic Debris, you are left to your own devices in SpaceScape's realm - a very minimal guiding rhythm. A mélange of blips, bleeps, chords and whispered samples mixed together in a blender. SpaceScape lie somewhere between ambience and industrial, pumping rhythms and well-done grooves into the space-entwined soundscapes they produce. They do it well and are able to keep a similar theme throughout their One Point Zero release that allows the listener to remain with them through the aural images created. Ambient/ethereal music is, after all, about creating imagery that one can see in your mind as the music surrounds you.

Track Listing:

01. Waste Of Space 
02. Man Of War 
03. Subsonic 
04. Mind Travel 
05. Digitization 
06. Musik Elektronik
07. Cosmic Debris
08. Future Of Musik 


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