"Audio Illusion" CD by Techeadz

"Audio Illusion" CD by Techeadz

CD Title: Audio Illusion
Artist Name: Techeadz
Genre: Electronic: Pop Crossover
Release Date: 2005
Record Label: BigHead Studios / Electronik Palette

© Copyright-TECHEADZ / Rick J. Ritts / Bill Johnston, Jr. (634479948398)

Original members and creators of SpaceSpcape; Bill Johnston Jr. & Rick J. Ritts bring forward a refreshing mix of electronik, industrial and techno. This album has a smart blend of unique vocal samples and out there sounds.

Track Listing

01. Don't Clone Me
02. Global Warmup
03. Detroit
04. Can't Get High Enough
05. I'm Bushed
06. Can You Help Me?
07. Audio Illusion
08. Oh My God
09. Techno!
10. Power to Gain Power

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