October 31 2010

Controversial Cloners Clone Rare Donkey Kong 3 Harness.

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Back in February Dave and Barry (Dokert and timberterror are their user names are KLOV) stated they were going to be production a small run of Reproduction Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong 3 Series wiring harnesses. These harnesses would have an edge connector so basically they would be a reproduction of the Donkey Kong 3 harnesses. They even took great effort to make sure the wires were as close to the correct colors that Nintendo originally used allowing for easy troubleshooting if you were to reference the original schematics.

Seeing Donkey Kong 2 is the only Nintendo game in my collection right now I decided to pick up one of Dave and Barry’s harnesses. My Donkey Kong 2 was already restored, complete and working. However, using a Donkey Kong 3 harness over the Donkey Kong harness I already had would allow me quickly change between Donkey Kong 2 and Donkey Kong Jr. by simply moving the edge connector between the board sets (Obviously making sure the game is powered off when doing so).

My order included one complete wiring harness with edge connector, control panel harness, coin door harness, two rainbow cables (One for my Donkey Kong PCB and one for my Donkey Kong Jr. PCB) and a Sanyo / Sharp B+ Test Aid (I believe the Sanyo / Sharp B+ Test Aid only came with the first run of their harnesses). The harness was pretty much plug and play even if you don’t follow the instructions that comes with the kid. The only thing that was not plug and play and required a little soldering was the service switch and coin counter. But even that was straight forwards seeing Dave and Barry clearly marked everything on their harness!

After hooking everything up (in less than 30 minutes) my Donkey Kong 2 fired right up (as it did before installing the harness). Dave and Barry did a great job and a great service to the community by offering these reproduction harnesses. So, if you are in need of a harness for your Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. or Donkey Kong 3 be sure to order today before the 3rd run is sold out!!!

Harness, Rainbow Cable(s) & Sanyo B+ Tester

Original Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. Harness

Rainbow Cable Installed Onto Boardset

Donkey Kong 3 Harness Edge Connector

Control Panel Harness Installed

Coin Door Harness Installed

Harness Installed With Donkey Kong 2 PCB Running

Harness Installed With Donkey Kong Jr. PCB Running

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