February 23 2010

Savvy Door Opening Serpents Attack Disney’s Gaston.

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This past weekend I managed to scan the side-art of my two Exidy games. Those games being “Mouse Trap” and “Venture”. It really made me feel good that I’m doing my part to help preserve another piece of arcade history.

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February 19 2010

Detailing Exidy Mouse Trap – Part 1

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In January I let one of my restored games go for a an Exidy Mouse Trap and an Atari Asteroids. I’ve wanted a Mouse Trap for some time so I quickly got it to the basement so I could start detailing it and getting it into the lineup. After a short distraction due to another game, I was finally able to use the last few weeks to get Mouse Trap looking real nice and ready for the game room.

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January 11 2010

Two New Classics Arrive to the Arcade.

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Many months ago Rich Sain (mxracer47 from KLOV) from Illinois listed some classics for sale including Exidy Mouse Trap, which was on my short list of games I’d like to have someday. Being that Richard was looking for a restored or a mint original DK Jr. and I was thinking of selling mine I figured I’d contact him.

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Store Now Open!

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