Nintendo "True Flat™" T-molding

Nintendo "True Flat™" T-molding

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Pre-Order between December 6th and January 1st, 2018 and get 20' of True Tlat T-molding for $17.50 + Shipping/Handling!!!

1) Flexible PVC Material
2) Exact Shape to the original
3) White
4) Satin finish (not semi-gloss because they cannot do semi-gloss in flexible PVC) 5) Centered (This is NOT offset T-molding)
6) Approx. 15mm wide

Price is $22.50 + Shipping/Handling (Continental USA) for 20 feet (One Machines Worth). If you are located Outside the continental USA shipping calculations may be incorrect. If this happens I will invoice you for additional shipping costs.

"PLEASE NOTE: If your cabinet mating surface is not flat, the slot is damaged, or has irregularities/damage from wear or abuse....the flat T-molding will follow whatever profile exists. It is recommended you correct these problems before installing the T-molding." To get the best installation of the "TRUE FLAT T-MOLDING" it is recommended.

1. Make sure your mating surface is flat, smooth and clean of any debris.

2. If the mating surface isn't flat or smooth, it is recommended that you use a sanding block and "slowly" smooth it out. (Please Note: If you have applied vinyl to the sides it is not recommended that you sand the matting surface) 

3. On the flat cabinet sections use a clean/straight/smooth piece of wood and a rubber mallet to install. Taking care to set the molding continuously at the same height (once again material will follow imperfections in your cabinet if you are too aggressive).

4. To create perfectly smooth inside and outside radii you may have to remove a section of the barb.

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Order between December 6th, 2017 and January 1st, 2018 and receive a $5.00 discount towards 20 feet of True Flat Molding.

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