June 14 2010

Nintendo “True-Flat™” T-molding Now Available in our store.

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ChompingQuarters “True-Flat™” is now available in our store. This T-molding is the same shape as what Nintendo originally used on their plywood cabinets but is much more flexible.

The first run is about sold out. Quantities are limited so be sure to order today!!!

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April 19 2010

Nintendo “True-Flat™” T-molding Reproduction… Pre-Order Now!

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True Flat Nintendo T-molding going into production within the next two weeks. This could be your only chance to get on board so get your pre-orders in now.

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January 11 2010

Two New Classics Arrive to the Arcade.

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Many months ago Rich Sain (mxracer47 from KLOV) from Illinois listed some classics for sale including Exidy Mouse Trap, which was on my short list of games I’d like to have someday. Being that Richard was looking for a restored or a mint original DK Jr. and I was thinking of selling mine I figured I’d contact him.

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December 21 2009

Donkey Kong Jr. Gets Some Final Touches.

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Several months ago Rich @ This Old Game started selling high quality solvent ink jet Donkey Kong Jr. Bezel Decals printed on self adhesive satin vinyl. So, seeing as I was never 100% happy with the reproduction I purchased from another vendor I decided to order a replacement from Rich. Unfortunately, the other vendor used CPO adhesive on their decal which didn’t want to come off which wasn’t a good thing as I had originally spray painted the lower bezel support.

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Store Now Open!

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