May 26 2010

Replacement Power Supply Saves Another Q*bert PCB

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Arcade Shop just released a much needed solution for your problematic Gottlieb/Mylstar power supply. The “Gottlieb/Mylstar Switching Power Supply Conversion Kit” replaces the original power supply in Q*bert, Q*bert’s Qubes, Reactor, Krull & Mad Planets. Just remove the original power supply board (PSB), install the replacement switching power supply and plug in your factory molex plugs and your good to go.

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February 27 2010

Mad Planets

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Manufacture: Gottlieb
Year: 1983
Serial #: 20400
Condition: Original with Restored Control Panel
Upgrades: Backlit Buttons
Current High Score: 87,000

Mad Planets Main Image
Mad Planets – Image Photo Gallery

Mad Planets - Image 1 Mad Planets - Image 2 Mad Planets - Image 3 Mad Planets - Image 4 Mad Planets - Image 5 Mad Planets - Image 6 Mad Planets - Image 7 Mad Planets - Image 8 Mad Planets - Image 9 Mad Planets - Image 10 Mad Planets - Image 11

January 20 2010

“Mad Planets” Arrives to the Asylum.

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Back in October I finally was able to play a dedicated Gottlieb Mad Planets and loved everything about it. I wasn’t very good but something about the game play that was very different from anything I have ever played. Even the wife was entranced by it, especially the rhythmic music and sound effects which very much surprised me. What surprised me even more was the comment from the wife asking “Why don’t you own a Mad Planets?”.

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November 27 2009

Nice @!#?-ing Marquee.

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When I picked up my Q*bert back a couple of years ago it was missing the marquee. While I was looking for a replacement marquee I discovered that Darin Jacobs at Phoenix Arcade reproduced the “Swearing Marquee” back in 2004. Unfortunately, the time I discovered that he still had some in stock I had already purchased the more common marquee in near mint condition and just couldn’t justify buying an additional marquee.

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Store Now Open!

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