September 20 2011

Reproduction Pepper II Side Art Now Available!!!

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About a year ago I picked up an Pepper II in order to complete my Exidy Row. Unfortunately my Pepper II was pretty trashed and was missing side art. But lucky for me Rick Ford (RoadRunner) was kind enough to loan me his New Old Stock (NOS) side art in order to reproduce the art for my restoration project.

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May 01 2011

Ice Cold Beer: The Side Art – Part 3

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After close to a year and a half the Ice Cold Beer side art reproduction project is finally complete!!!

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December 02 2009

Ice Cold Beer: The Side Art – Part 2

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It’s been a few months since starting the Ice Cold Beer side art project was started but the artwork is officially off to Rich at This Old Game for production. When Chris Rhodes and myself originally took on this project I thought it would be a fairly easy project but I was wrong. The original plan was to vector the art. However, after talking to Rich about the final medium (Solvent Ink Jet with Screened Clear Coat) it came apparent that all the halftones were going to be next to impossible to recreate by vectoring the art and retouching in photoshop was the best way to start.

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September 14 2009

Ice Cold Beer: The Side Art

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A couple of months ago I was talking with Chris Rhoades (Chris25810) and he was still trying to locate an Ice Cold Beer that had salvageable side art so it could be scanned and reproduced so that he could complete his own restoration (Be sure to read Chris’s blog post about his Ice Cold Beer restoration). I casually mentioned that if he lived in Michigan that I knew of two for sale. Next thing I knew we were in discussions on purchasing one of the machines and making this project a reality.

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Store Now Open!

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