January 04 2011

Preparing The Mess Hall For Our New Guest.

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When I picked up Food Fight I knew my restoration options were somewhat limited due to lack of reproduction artwork. Luckily for me the overall condition of my game was pretty clean and Phoenix Arcade did reproduce the Control Panel Overlay (CPO) a couple of years back. So I’ll be sticking to the basics before I toss her into the game room. The basics involved cleaning the inside of the cabinet, wiping down the outside of the cabinet (Magic Erasers are indeed magic), repainting the marquee brackets and restoring the control panel.

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May 20 2010

Not So Extreme Makeover “Mad Planets Edition”.

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When purchasing a game that only lived one year in an arcade then spends the next 25 years living comfortably in a home use only environment there isn’t much you need to do to “make it better”. However, being a perfectionist who usually enjoys doing full restorations there is always something you can do to “make it better” and my Mad Planets wasn’t any different. But this time things were a little different and there was no reason to take a game who survived 26 years and fully restore it.

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October 09 2009

Chilly Willy the “Pengo” Restoration – Part 3

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Since “Part 2″ I was able to finalize my Pengo restoration before winter arrived. In fact, the night I finally pushed forward to get done it was 54 degrees out and damp so no time like the present to finish the restoration up! As I found out a couple of nights before spray painting sometimes just can’t happen this time of year so I finished just in time!

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September 14 2009

Chilly Willy the “Pengo” Restoration – Part 2

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Since part 1 of my Pengo restoration post I’ve made some good progress with the limited time I have. As mentioned before, this cabinet needed very little body work. I don’t think I had an easy restoration like this since my Donkey Kong Jr. After a couple of quick coats of bondo a quick sanding (or two) and a good wiping down we were about ready to paint.

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September 01 2009

Chilly Willy the “Pengo” Restoration – Part 1

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Last November I traded with Tim (MudManTim) from KLOV another collector my Vs. Hogans Alley for a nice working Pengo. Since then I’ve pretty much keep putting off restoring it but over the last few nights I’ve decided it was time to start the restore. The cabinet is in great condition and this shouldn’t take too long to restore.

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Store Now Open!

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