February 23 2010

Savvy Door Opening Serpents Attack Disney’s Gaston.

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This past weekend I managed to scan the side-art of my two Exidy games. Those games being “Mouse Trap” and “Venture”. It really made me feel good that I’m doing my part to help preserve another piece of arcade history.

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December 21 2009

Donkey Kong Jr. Gets Some Final Touches.

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Several months ago Rich @ This Old Game started selling high quality solvent ink jet Donkey Kong Jr. Bezel Decals printed on self adhesive satin vinyl. So, seeing as I was never 100% happy with the reproduction I purchased from another vendor I decided to order a replacement from Rich. Unfortunately, the other vendor used CPO adhesive on their decal which didn’t want to come off which wasn’t a good thing as I had originally spray painted the lower bezel support.

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December 02 2009

Ice Cold Beer: The Side Art – Part 2

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It’s been a few months since starting the Ice Cold Beer side art project was started but the artwork is officially off to Rich at This Old Game for production. When Chris Rhodes and myself originally took on this project I thought it would be a fairly easy project but I was wrong. The original plan was to vector the art. However, after talking to Rich about the final medium (Solvent Ink Jet with Screened Clear Coat) it came apparent that all the halftones were going to be next to impossible to recreate by vectoring the art and retouching in photoshop was the best way to start.

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August 27 2009

“Mini” arcade keeps growing.

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About a month ago someone on craigslist who happened to be minutes from my house was selling an original Coleco Ms. Pac Man mini arcade game for $30.00.

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August 18 2009

Ice Cold Beer: The Arcade

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I won’t get into to many details at this point and time but yes I officially have an Ice Cold Beer (ICB) in my garage. Ahhhh yes, the ultimate party novelty arcade has arrived. A big thanks to MudManTim, another MI collector who was generous enough to have delivered it to me out of his personal collection. Also, another big thanks to someone we’ll leave unnamed at this time who also helped make this happen.

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Store Now Open!

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